Ryan Baker TQ15a

Nickname: Sloppy
Years in ATQMA: 3

Place of Birth: Auckland, New Zealand
Resides In: Auckland, New Zealand

Race Number: 15a
Engine: Suzuki GSX-R 750cc Watercooled
Chassis: Harris

Favourite Motorsport Driver: Tony Stewart
Ideal Holiday: USA
Tracks Raced At: Huntly, Kihikihi, Nelson, Waikaraka Park, Western Springs, Whangarei

Career Highlights:
12/13 - Feature Winner
11/12 - 1st Auckland TQ Midget Champs
11/12 - 1st Springs Series
11/12 - 1st = ATQMA Club Champs
11/12 - King of the Springs
11/12 - 1st Heritage Shield
11/12 - 2nd New Zealand TQ Grand Prix
10/11 - 3rd Auckland champs

Crew Bio: Mum and Dad, Melissa, Nancy, Gerrard, Toni, Daniel

Sponsors: Quality Water Supplies, Harris Race Cars