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Minimum number of members

The Society shall maintain the minimum number of Members required by the Act.


Types of members

The classes of membership and the method by which Members are admitted to different classes of membership are as follows:

  • Member: A Member is an individual or body corporate admitted to membership under these Rules and who or which has not ceased to be a Member.

  • Life Member: A Life Member is a person honoured for highly valued services to the Society elected as a Life Member by resolution of a General Meeting passed by a simple majority of those Members present and voting. A Life Member shall have all the rights and privileges of a Member and shall be subject to all the same duties as a Member except those of paying subscriptions.

  • Honorary Member: An Honorary Member is a person honoured for services to the Society or in an associated field elected as an Honorary Member by resolution of a General Meeting passed by a simple majority of those present and voting. An Honorary Member has no membership rights, privileges or duties.


Becoming a member: consent

Every applicant for membership must consent in writing to becoming a Member.
This form may be completed electronically.


Becoming a member: process

An applicant for membership must complete and sign any application form, supply any information, or attend an interview, as required by the Committee. This form may be completed electronically.

The Committee may accept or decline an application for membership. The Committee must advise the applicant of its decision (but is not required to provide reasons for that decision).


Obligations and rights

Every Member shall provide the Society with that Member’s name and contact details (including postal address, telephone number(s), and any email address) and promptly advise the Society of any changes to those details.

Membership does not confer on any Member any right, title, or interest (legal or equitable) in the property of the Society.


Other obligations and rights

All Members (including Committee Members) shall promote the interests and purposes of the Society and shall do nothing to bring the Society into disrepute.

A Member is only entitled to exercise the rights of membership (including attending and voting at General Meetings, accessing or using the Society’s premises, facilities, equipment and other property) if all subscriptions and any other fees have been paid to the Society by due date, but no Member or Life Member is liable for an obligation of the Society by reason only of being a Member.

Any Member that is a body corporate shall provide the Secretary with the name and contact details of the person who is the organisation’s authorised representative, and that person shall be deemed to be the organisation’s proxy for the purposes of voting at General Meetings.

The Committee may decide what access or use Members may have of or to any premises, facilities, equipment or other property owned, occupied or otherwise used by the Society, including any conditions of and fees for such access or use.


Subscriptions and fees

The annual subscription and any other fees for membership for the then current financial year shall be set by resolution of a General Meeting (which can also decide that payment be made by periodic instalments).

Any Member failing to pay the annual subscription (including any periodic payment), any levy, or any capitation fees, within 1 calendar month(s) of the date the same was due for payment shall be considered as unfinancial and shall (without being released from the obligation of payment) have no membership rights and shall not be entitled to participate in any Society activity or to access or use the Society’s premises, facilities, equipment and other property until all the arrears are paid.

If such arrears are not paid within 2 months of the due date for payment of the subscription, any other fees, or levy the Committee may terminate the Member’s membership (without being required to give prior notice to that Member).


Ceasing to be a member

A Member ceases to be a Member:

  • on death (or if a body corporate on liquidation or if a partnership on dissolution of the partnership), or

  • by resignation from that Member’s class of membership by notice to the Secretary, or

  • on termination of a Member’s membership following a dispute resolution process under these Rules.

with effect from the death of the Member or the date of receipt by the Secretary, or any subsequent date stated in the notice of resignation, or termination of membership following a dispute resolution process under these Rules.


Obligations on resignation

A Member who resigns or whose membership is terminated under these Rules:

  • remains liable to pay all subscriptions and other fees to the Society’s next balance date,

  • shall cease to hold himself or herself out as a Member of the Society, and

  • shall return to the Society all material provided to Members by the Society (including any membership certificate, badges, handbooks and manuals).

  • shall cease to be entitled to any of the rights of a Society Member.


Becoming a member again

Any former Member may apply for re-admission in the manner prescribed for new applicants and may be re-admitted only by resolution of the Committee.

However, if a former Member’s membership was terminated following a dispute resolution process, the applicant may be re-admitted only by a General Meeting on the recommendation of the Committee.

AS AT July 2022 AGM

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