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ATQMA Code of Conduct
  • The Driver is responsible for HIS/HER Crew and Own actions.

  • All Members (including Committee Members) shall promote the interests and purposes of the Society and shall do nothing to bring the Society into disrepute.

  • A Member is only entitled to exercise the rights of membership (including attending and voting at General Meetings, accessing or using the Society’s premises, facilities, equipment and other property) if all subscriptions and any other fees have been paid to the Society by due date, but no Member or Life Member is liable for an obligation of the Society by reason only of being a Member.


SNZ General Rules regarding Abuse and Misconduct - 2022 SNZ Rule Book
M7-7 Abuse and Misconduct

M7-7-1 SNZ has a zero tolerance regarding verbal and physical abuse.
M7-7-2 Improper comment It is an offence for any SNZ member to publish or permit to be published or connive at, any statement or conduct which improperly criticises SNZ, their Officials, or comments on any matter which is subjudice.
M7-7-3 No member of SNZ or track official at a race meeting shall verbally or physically abuse (assault) any person, or use any intimidating or threatening language or actions for the duration of a race meeting.
M7-7-4 Any acts of verbal or physical abuse, text messaging and online cyber-bullying, shall be reported to the track Steward, who if deems any blame is warranted may serve an Infringement Notice on any SNZ member.
M7-7-5 Where any person at a race meeting receives any form of abuse from a driver, race-car owner, pit crew member, or official the matter shall be reported to the Steward, who may investigate, and if deems the allegation is justified, may serve an Infringement Notice on this person and exclude the relevant person from the track complex. M7-7-6 Offensive language Competitors or Pit Crews using offensive language in the proximity of the public will be dealt with accordingly by the Steward.

M7-7-7 Conduct unbecoming The Steward may report to the Board any competitor or other person whose conduct on or off the track is injurious to the welfare of the sport or of SNZ.

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